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Lodge 459: Elangomat and Nimat Team Patches

Posted in Uncategorized by John E. Pannell on March 13th, 2009 at 6:05 am
Catawba 459 A5?

Catawba 459 A5?

(UPDATE: I talked to Larry Banks this morning who was able to correct me and clarify a few points about these patches.     The post has been revised to reflect that information.)

Larry Banks recently sent me images of three new patches being issued by Catawba lodge. These issues are recognition items for the lodge’s Elangomat and Nimat programs.   first two patches are arrowhead issues (A5? and A6?) and are earned by those brothers who complete the service and training requirements as an elangomat or nimat for the lodge.

The third patch (X16?) is a small item shaped like the lodge’s totem intended to be worn over the ghosted totem on the A5? or A6?.     It is earned by a brother when a set percentage of brothers in the clan he served as an elangomat have sealed them membership as Brotherhood members in the OA.

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    Shared Items From the Web – March 13, 2009

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