Echockotee 200 Summer 2009

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Echockotee 200 2009 Summer Fellowship

Echockotee 200 2009 Summer Fellowship

Echockotee Lodge 200 recently held their Summer Fellowship event, marked with their latest in the 2009 series of activity patches depicting feathers, on a shield-shaped design.   The “CC” on the patch is not a Roman numeral depiction of the lodge’s number (pure coincidence); it is the initials of the designer of the patch (see also the Winter and Spring 2009 pieces).

Echockotee 200 Elemukulek Chapter 2009 Camporee Staff

Echockotee 200 Elemukulek Chapter 2009 Camporee Staff

Floating around are two other patches that have the Echockotee name, but are not issued by the lodge.   Elemukulek Chapter ran the River Bend District 2009 Camporee, and had planned on two patches with their chapter’s name on each  (one for all attendees, another for Staff).   Somewhere between design and production, however, “ELEMUKULEK” was replaced with “ECHOCKOTEE LODGE”.   Staff patches are much harder than the attendee items, as most Staff pieces were sewn on hats.

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