New Lodge Forms in New York

Posted in Scouting News by John E. Pannell on May 29th, 2010 at 3:45 pm

A new OA lodge has been formed in New York.     Previously the councils of Ty-Ohni Lodge #95 (Rochester Area) and Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 (Finger Lakes) merged to form Seneca Waterways Council. I can now announce the new OA lodge is Tschipey Achtu lodge. They will use the number 397, which is also the council number.

Thanks to Craig Leighty for directing me to the official word on the council’s website about this.   I may also have missed this news on Bill Mulrenin’s excellent NY OA blog.

The National Order of the Arrow no longer officially assigns lodge numbers but most lodges still use their traditional numbers.   Collectors also have continued to use lodge numbers since OA lodge names are often difficult to pronounce, and out of a sense of tradition and convenience.   Since this change by National newly formed lodges have followed a variety of practices.   Some, like Pocumtuc lodge, have made it a point to adopt no lodge number although some collectors use a number (83) anyways.   Others like Takoda lodge have, at least in some circles, used a number (146) of historical significance to them.   Still others, like Kittan lodge, have used their council’s number (364) as their own.     364 was also conveniently the lodge number of one of Kittan’s predecessor lodges.

In all cases any number used was not currently in use by another lodge.       In adopting the use of their council’s number, 397, Tschipey Achtu lodge will be using a number that is also currently used by Chilantakoba lodge in Lousiana.   This may confuse collectors.   Many are used to dealing with multiple lodges with the same number in the case of merged lodges.   My own lodge 70 is an example of this.   However, when talking about active lodges a number usually referred to only one possible lodge.   Now collectors referring to OA lodges by number, will in the future have to clarify to which active lodge 397 they are referring.

In my experience there are not that many collectors that collect on a countrywide basis.     With the proliferation of issues, collecting interests are now usually more specific.   Most now only collect their home state or area, so this may not be much of an issue.   New York collectors will soon know that 397 means Tschipey Achtu to them, just as Louisiana collectors will still know that 397 refers to Chilantakoba.   Since this site uses lodge numbers along with names, I will refer to both by the number 397, clarifying when necessary.     CSP collectors have dealt with this issue for years, for example having to distinguish between Piedmont (CA)   and Piedmont (NC) councils.

I have no word yet on any patches from this lodge.

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4 Responses to “New Lodge Forms in New York”

  1. Rob Higgins Says:

    While I know that their lodge website is saying that they are using 397, I believe it to be out of date.

    Back in February, Tschipey Achtu’s lodge chief had said “that the youth originally voted on the number 0, but [that their] advisor [said] national would not recognize that as a legitimate number. The only number they would recognize is 397.” However, an official from Seneca Waterways stated that “the Lodge did pick a number [397] but it was in conflict [with Chilantakoba] and rejected by National” and that for the moment they are not using a lodge number.
    Reference: Mark Catlin, Seneca Waterways Council.

  2. John Pannell Says:

    Rob –

    As you know National does not recognize any lodge numbers anymore. So the adviser was right about number “0″, but a bit disingenuous, IMO. The same goes for the rejection of number 397.

    I know there are a couple of National Committee members who read this blog from time to time and they can correct me (please) if I’m wrong. It is my impression that what lodge number lodge chooses to use is of no interest to them. They’re no longer in that “business”.

    For all that it matters, lodges can start numbering themselves things like: e^0, i^2/-1, 2ln(e)/sqrt(4), or even Bob. (Math geeks will get the joke…)

    The use — or non-use — of 397 only matters to a handful of us collectors.

  3. Chris Says:

    RIP Tichora 146

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