Lodge of the Central Region Chief Patches: Update

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Back in 2007 I wrote several posts highlighting the patches issued by the various lodges over the years for the national and regional officers of the Order of the Arrow.   The first of these posts covered patches issued for the Lodge of the National Chief.   I also published an update for the 2008 National Officer patches.    I now continue the updates with patches issued for the recent Central Region Chiefs.

Ku-Ni-Eh 145 S82?

Ku-Ni-Eh 145 S82?

Michael Beckman of Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge was elected the 2009 Central Region Chief.   His lodge issued two flaps in his honor.   The red bordered flap (pictured) is listed on this site as S82?.   A gold mylar bordered flap, distributed only by Beckman, is listed as S83?.
No Issues Known
The 2010 Central Region Chief was Rich Ferolo of Lakota Lodge.   I do not yet know of any patches issued by Ferolo’s lodge.
Images Coming Soon
Collin Huerter of Dzie Hauk Tonga Lodge was elected the 2011 Central Region Chief.    Dzie Hauk Tonga issued four patches in Huerter’s honor.   Three flaps with GMY, SMY and maroon borders were produced.  In addition a round patch was also produced.

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