Lodge 116: 2011 Events Issues

Posted in Santee 116,SR-5 Lodges by John E. Pannell on March 13th, 2012 at 8:11 pm
Santee 116:  2011 Fall Fellowship

Santee 116: 2011 Fall Fellowship

Brad Hutto recently sent me images for Santee’s 2011 events patches which are now all on this site.  Thanks for the updates.

Keeping up the pattern of recent years, events patches were issued for the Winter Banquet, as well as the  Spring, Summer, and Fall Fellowships.  I do not know yet whether a patch was issued for Camp Coker’s OA Week this past year.

The listing data for these items are after the jump.

Issue Bdr Color/Type Bkgd Name fdl/BSA Comments
eX2011-1? LBL R LBL RED LGY fdl; 2011 Winter Banquet
eX2011-2? RED R WHT BLU RED fdl; Spring 2011
eR2011-3? RED R WHT BLK BLK fdl; Summer Fellowship 2011
eA2011-4? RED C BLK BLK BLK fdl; 2011 Fall Fellowship
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