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Posted in OAImages News by John E. Pannell on January 29th, 2014 at 5:56 am

Over the past several days I have been deactivating userids for the members area that have long since expired.   I had been very lax about keeping up with this and allowed users to keep using that area long past the expiration date of their membership.   If you suddenly find yourself unable to log on, the most likely reason is that your membership has expired.   You can write me at jpannell@oaimages.com to confirm.

You can also reactivate your membership at this url:

For all users, the expiration date of your membership subscription is stated in the upper left hand corner of all lodge pages within the members area.   If it has expired or is about to do so, please considering renewing.  There is a link in the upper right corner of lodge pages, as well as at the bottom of all pages in the members area, to do this.


It occurred to me that several people recently renewed well after their ID had expired and most if not all of their renewal — when the renewal period paid for was added to their expiration date — went to cover time that had already passed. That’s just not right!

I have manually adjusted those who have renewed so that the term paid for runs from the date they paid, not from the membership expiration date, for those whose memberships had long since expired.

I think I spotted everyone. Please check your membership expiration date at the top of any lodge page in the members area. If you recently renewed and it appears I did not make that manual adjustment, please write me at jpannell@oaimages.com.

Thanks for  your support.

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