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An Official BSA Patch Trading App

Posted in Patch Collecting,Scouting News by John E. Pannell on May 20th, 2013 at 8:26 pm

I just stumbled upon this app from a friend’s Facebook patch and thought it interesting enough to pass along here.  The website for this app states:

“You know the feeling. You’ve been sitting in a patch trading tent for hours, it’s late at night, and right before you are going to call it a night… someone shows you a patch that you just have to have. You love the patch and really (really!) want to add it to your collection. But he wants your rarest patch in trade.

Sure, he says that only three of that patch exist in the entire world and “you’ll never see one like it again!” Of course you want to trust him, but wouldn’t you feel better if you could verify that number? You remember how it felt the last time you traded 3-to-1 for a patch that you couldn’t even give away later.

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Northern Michigan / Wisconsin Merger

Posted in OAImages News,Patch Collecting by John E. Pannell on April 6th, 2013 at 9:33 pm

I missed this one amidst all the recent mergers. Jeff Gruenke just announced on Patch-l that Awase and Ag-Im lodges have merged to form Kon Wapos lodge. There was no news about what number, if any, the lodge might use. Their totem will be the snow shoe hare.

There is no word yet on any patches for Kon Wapos lodge.

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Bulk Patch Deal

Posted in OAImages News,Patch Collecting by John E. Pannell on November 29th, 2012 at 5:22 am

Are you looking for a stocking stuffer for a patch collector out there?  Do you just want to pick up some more trading stock?   I have a deal for you.

I always find myself with an accumulation of flaps that don’t quite ever get into my collection.  They’re nice patches and “get along well with others” but I never seem to find the time to put them properly with the rest of my stuff.   The accumulation keeps growing.  This is an opportunity for you.   For a limited time (until I run out), I am offering a ten (10) flap bulk deal for $39.99, postpaid.   That’s just under $4 per flap and include postage.

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Number Two Hundred

Posted in Patch Collecting by John E. Pannell on November 27th, 2012 at 7:56 pm
Wipala Wiki 432 S200

Wipala Wiki 432 S200

In recent weeks I have been slowly updating the listings for Wipala Wiki lodge.  William Popescue has been a huge help to me and very patient with me as I slowly wade through and try to make sense of the large amount of new material from this lodge.   I still have more items to add.   In the course of working on this an important milestone has been reached.   Wipala Wiki is the first OA lodge to reach the “S200″ mark.   There are now more than two hundred different solid flaps from this lodge.  There are also more than two dozen addition flaps that are not fully embroidered.

Nearly six years ago I wrote that Wipala Wikia was one of the most prolific lodges.   I also mentioned that Octoraro 22 won the “race” to S100.   Unless I am missing a large number of new issues, Wipala Wiki has clearly won the “race” to S200.

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From Patch-l: Fraudulent Listing on eBay

Posted in Patch Collecting by John E. Pannell on November 24th, 2012 at 6:52 pm

Collectors, beware!   It has been brought to light that there is current a fraudulent listing for a patch blanket on eBay.   The winning bidder, who I shall keep anonymous here unless he wishes to step forward wrote on patch-l:


Last year I purchased an amazing patch blanket featuring ~400 amazing badges from the 1940’s through the 1960’s. It is easily identified from the 3 OA sashes that form a triangle in the center of the blanket and includes a 19 s1, 1949 Canadian Jamboree felt, early Dixie fellowships, 411 o/n A2, 71 o/n X1, 77 felt bird, and several lodge 7 (Chicago) odd shapes. I stripped it clean of all the badges… but it recently re-appeared for auction on eBay! I have started the process of notifying eBay that this is a fraudulent listing. If you are a bidder, please beware of this listing. If you know of collectors bidding, please pass the word that this auction is not above water.

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Agaming Maangogwan Lodge Issues First Flap

Posted in Patch Collecting by John E. Pannell on August 8th, 2012 at 8:44 pm
Agaming Maangogwan S1?

Agaming Maangogwan S1?

As part of the ongoing mergers in Michigan, Agaming Maangowagan lodge was recently formed to serve the Water and Woods Field Service Council, part of the Michigan Crossroads Council.  This lodge was formed from the merger of Mischigonong 89, Chickagami 180, Cuwe 218, and Gabe-Shi-Win-Gi-Ji-Kens 374 lodges.    Thanks to both Randy Holden and Dick Sofian for sending me images of the first  flap for this new lodge.

The lodge’s name is interpreted as “Loon Feather on the Shore”.  The lodge totem is the loon.  The lodge has chosen to use number 804, based upon what they view to be the effective date of this lodge, August 4th, also the first day after this year’s NOAC.

The lodge flaps were readily available for trade at this year’s NOAC, unlike the recent Puvunga lodge flaps.  I have heard unconfirmed reports that at least 1500 of these flaps were produced.


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Puvunga Lodge Issues First Patches

Posted in Patch Collecting by John E. Pannell on July 30th, 2012 at 4:43 am

Puvunga Lodge S1?

Puvunga lodge has issued their first patches.  They are referred to as their first flap (S1), charter member (S2), and thanks flap (S3) and two two-part sets for NOAC  (S4+X1 and S5+X2).   All the flaps bear the same general design.   I have not yet confirmed it but I suspect the S1 through S3 were issued simultaneously.

At the time of this writing only about 300 of the first flaps were ordered.   The NOAC sets were also produced in low quantities.  Given that this is the first completely new lodge founded in over 40 years, the first flap and NOAC items will be in high demand this week at NOAC.

The lodge has chosen to use number 32, the same as its council number.

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Rubber Ducky, I’m Awfully Fond of You!

Posted in Patch Collecting by John E. Pannell on July 24th, 2012 at 4:31 am

Rubber ducky you’re so fine
And I’m lucky that you’re mine
Rubber ducky I’m awfully fond of
Rubber ducky I’m awfully fond
Of you!

Wahunsenakah 333 F1?

Wahunsenakah 333 F1?

Wahunsenakah lodge has issued a rather unusual patch for this upcoming NOAC, a rubber flap.   They’re not the first lodge to do this.  SR-5 issued a rubber patch a few years ago.  Occoneechee lodge also recently issued a rubber flap (F17?).   However, given this lodge’s totem,  this may well be the first lodge issued “rubber ducky”!

As it is flap shaped, and obviously not fully embroidered, this will be listed on this site as the F1 for this lodge.  I wonder if this will be popular trading item at NOAC next week.

I can’t resist the obvious reference from my childhood.   Now here’s a little song for your listening pleasure…

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On to the Next Event

Posted in Patch Collecting by John E. Pannell on July 22nd, 2012 at 8:00 pm
Sipp-O 377 S94?

Sipp-O 377 S94?

The 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conference is about to start.  I hope those who are going have a safe trip and a enjoyable conference.   Even though there will be a flood of new issues for this conference, the patch world has started to turn its eyes towards the next big national event.   Earlier today I added the first three images to this site for the 2013 BSA National Jamboree.

The first issues brought to my attention are three flaps from Sipp-O lodge.   The “S94?” is pictured to the left.   Have any other lodges already issued patches for next year’s Jamboree?

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From the Blogosphere: Heresy and NOAC 2012 Patches

Posted in Patch Collecting by John E. Pannell on July 11th, 2012 at 11:10 pm

I have been gone from blogging for a while.   Sorry.   I ran into this post from Roy More this evening that I thought worth sharing here.   He writes:

 This may be heresy as a patch dealer but here goes – We may have passed the point where councils and lodges are making more patches than our wallets can afford…

…Ask yourself – how many of the new CSPs ever get put on a uniform? Or the new NOAC issues coming out? Even the delegate issues aren’t going on shirts because they’re “valuable.” To whom? If you “only” made 50, 2/ delegate member, if their aren’t 50 collectors who care then there’s more supply than demand. Not a healthy thing.

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March 22nd, 2014
2.5 Weeks and Counting

UPDATE: Home internet service was finally restored on 25 February. Some mail may have been lost, but all is well going forward, at least for now.

Still no home internet service.

Today was the day that Time Warner was supposed to restore my internet. The appointment was made over a week ago. They knew my line was on the ground. They were supposed to call before coming. They never called.

Turns out they did come to the service call. Without ever coming to my house all the technician did is verify that my line is on the ground. After calling customer no service they verified that is all the tech was ever going to do. When will Internet be restored? Customer no service has no idea but tried to assure me they are working hard on it. I was given the standard story about working hard in my neighborhood and big equipment being needed... yadda, yadda, yadda.

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March 15th, 2014
Internet Outage Continues

The "Great Time Warner Internet Outage of 2014" continues for me at home, as my cable line is still on the ground in my backyard. Time Warner will not be able to have someone out to my place to restring it until March 22nd.

I'll note the electric company was able to restore access in our part of NC, including the restringing of lines, in a fraction of that time. I look forward to the day when I can "fire" the cable company monopoly!

In the mean time, I am unable to much of any work with this site and can only sporadicallycheck OAImages mail, when I'm able to use someone else's internet connection.

I hope this doesn't impact my ability to continue an annual tradition on this site which is rapidly approaching! Read the Full Post

March 10th, 2014
Internet Outage

As a result of the recent ice storm, I have been without internet access since early last Friday morning. Power didn't come back on at home until yesterday (Sunday 3/9) afternoon. Since my cable line is on the ground in my back yard, I expect I will be without internet for several more days.

No email sent to me at any OAImages address has been seen by me since Thursday night. As far as I know, all are still on the server, but I will not receive them until home internet access is restored. Read the Full Post

January 29th, 2014
Logging in to Members Area

Over the past several days I have been deactivating userids for the members area that have long since expired. I had been very lax about keeping up with this and allowed users to keep using that area long past the expiration date of their membership. If you suddenly find yourself unable to log on, the most likely reason is that your membership has expired. You can write me at to confirm.

You can also reactivate your membership at this url:

For all users, the expiration date of your membership subscription is stated in the upper left hand corner of all lodge pages within the members area. If it has expired or is about to do so, please considering renewing. There is a link in the upper right corner of lodge pages, as well as at the bottom of all pages in the members area, to do this.

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May 27th, 2013
Site Maintenance

I have been doing some behind the scenes site maintenance this weekend in an effort to fix a problem that has been vexing me for some time now with the inventory options within the members area.

Some members, especially more active ones , were having difficulties with large number of duplicate records being added to their inventory. No data was lost or changed, just records would be duplicated a large number of times. This would quickly result users' inability to add or change their inventory. I made some changes to how that data is being stored on the server that may have solved that problem.

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April 6th, 2013
Northern Michigan / Wisconsin Merger

I missed this one amidst all the recent mergers. Jeff Gruenke just announced on Patch-l that Awase and Ag-Im lodges have merged to form Kon Wapos lodge. There was no news about what number, if any, the lodge might use. Their totem will be the snow shoe hare.

There is no word yet on any patches for Kon Wapos lodge. Read the Full Post